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A Tour of Bart Leetch's Shop

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So little time, so much to do!

I have a shop here at the apartment complex that is 13' 5" x 24' 5". Boy is it cramped! With a full sized contractors table saw, a 12" radial arm, a 6" jointer, 12" portable planer, DC, small drill press, belt disc sander, jig saw, compound miter saw, lathe, & cabinet full of electric hand tools & hand planes, it get's a little snug.

Tempus fugit

Time waits for no man. But maybe you can plane it out a bit so it's not so warped.

Table saw

This is a picture of my Crafteman 10" contractor saw. Contrary to some things you hear the fence will stay parallel to the blade and it passes the nickel test and cuts very well thank you.


This is a picture of my Craftsman 618" ¾ HP jointer the fence is flat, the tables are flat, and it works very well.

Grizzly bandsaw

This is my G1019 Grizzly 14" band saw with 6" riser block and a ¾" Timberwolf blade. With this saw I have cut up to 8" madrone and maple logs.


This is my old 1950s Craftsman bandsaw. I purchased this saw from my friend Carey. He has told me many times that he sure wishes he had it back because it was so handy to use it for cutting smaller finer work and keep the big saw set up for heavy cutting. When I purchased the 14" Grizzly he asked if I wanted to sell the Craftsman saw. I told him that a wise man once told me that is was good to have a small band saw because you could leave the big saw set up for heavy work. He just chuckled. This also shows my pipe clamp rack.

Panel saw

This is a shot of my panel saw—it is what makes the small shop workable. I also store material behind it.

Drill press

I waited a long time to get this drill press. So far it has done everything I've asked of it. This picture also shows the inexpensive rack I made out of chip board and PVC to hang my smaller clamps on.

Dust collector

This shows my Grizzly G1029 DC which has served me very well, also in the picture is my bench top tool table which rotates to move which ever tool I need to the front. Back in the corner is my home made compressor. Next to it is my used Grizzly portable planer that I purchased for $250 and Ryobi spindle sander. Then there is the peg board, how do you get by with out a peg board?

Hand tools

This shows where I store my electric hand tools.

Radial arm saw

This is my 12" radial arm saw in a shot that shows the north end of the shop.

Air cleaner

This is my air cleaner it has the 3 micron bag filter inside with about a 1000 CFM squirrel cage fan and 3 speed motor.

Tool table

My mess of hand tools, missing is my Porter-Cable biscuit joiner. I keep it hidden so no one can find it.

Outfeed table

My new table saw out feed table cost a whole $4.00. It was built out of scrap material and angle iron from old bed frames. The top is covered in two colors of formica because I didn't have enough of either color to finish it.

Overarm guard

A close up of the overarm guard.

Bart himself

Use guards or you won't need gloves.

Regards, Bart

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wb 25 June 2001

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