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A Tour of Barry Innerarity's Shop

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Oak Kitchen Mantle

I am in the remodeling business and have my own cabinet shop. A remodel job for my sister's kitchen included adding some extra cabinets, so I designed several units for her, which included this mantle over the sink. I made it to match the others, which are oak.

alternate mantle view

I purchased the carved oak emblem locally and I used glue and nails to attach it. The oak corbels are some I purchased too. I added the light on the inside of the mantle to give light over the sink area and to add to the overall lighting effect throughout the kitchen. I added the 3¼" oak crown molding around the top, matched the stain to the existing cabinets, and sprayed with polyurethane.

one view of the shop

Four years ago, I enlarged my shop from 20 x 40 to 50 x 40 to give me enough room to work. I insulated the whole shop with spray foam insulation. It keeps my shop cool during the summer and warm in the winter. I use a small torpedo heater just enough in the winter to kill the chill. All I need is a light long sleeve shirt to work comfortably.

assembly table

I designed the shop on paper by laying out the areas for my tablesaw, drum sander, radial arm, etc. My tools are various brands but mostly Grizzly. I don't think you can beat their tools for the money. I ran all the electrical, plumbing, and air lines for equipment in the walls, hung sheet rock, taped and floated, and painted all walls with a light gray paint. The reason for the red stripe on the walls is my business colors are gray and red.

floor detail

On the floor, I used a Sherwin Williams two-part epoxy paint. So far, I've found it a very durable paint. Since it is very important to me that the shop is clean from saw dust and debris as much as possible, I wanted the floors and walls to be easy cleaning. The lights in the main cutting area are the low bay lights—I wanted to have a lot of lighting to see my work without straining my eyes.

lumber storage

I also needed a heavy-duty metal rack system for my plywood, so that I can keep a little inventory and the weight would not be a problem. There are a lot more things to do in the shop, like building workstations and cabinet countertops. I have very much enjoyed my shop and hope others will get some ideas from mine that might make theirs more comfortable.

Regards, Barry

Posted 8 January 2007

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