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A Tour of Barb Siddiqui's Shop

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If too many of us don't get in here at a time, I'd be happy to show you all around, especially after Dave's Cave (Dave Arbuckle's shop tour posted choronologically just prior to this one) encouraged others to post a tour, no matter what the condition of the shop! My basic one-car garage space (in eastern WA):

drill press and radial arm saw

On the left, a Grizzly drill press and small bench, with tools on pegboard along a back wall. On the right, an old Delta/Rockwell RAS and a scrollsaw behind it, now shoved out of the way to make room for…

Laguna 16SEC

…my Laguna 16SEC bandsaw, which sits just in front of the lumber rack.

Behind the small bench is a free-standing unit to hold marking tools and chisels. Router table in the foreground, with steel plate wings removed to save room.

table saw

My outfeed for long pieces off my Sears contractor saw only works when the garage door is open! The saw has a custom floor cabinet on wheels—lots of storage and ample dust collection, which is through ShopVac hoses for now. This cabinet has been a godsend in my small space. It's just nice to have somewhere stable that I can lay the fence down when I need to, and reach for push sticks easily avialable. Don't know how I did without it before.

The thing I am missing here is room for an assembly table, which usually consists of an old door laid over sawhorses when I need one. But that blocks the irrigation pump, which is not popular with the landlady!

carving corner

And finally, here is a shot of a small carving corner inside the house, used more in the winter time than in the better weather, when I'm out in the garage.

Hope you liked “taking a turn” around the place—it never has enough light, heat, or dehumidification, but I enjoy every minute I get in there. Just sitting quietly, closing one's eyes, and taking in a deep whiff of shop is enough to recharge me sometimes. Next project will be a case beneath the drill press to get all its accoutrements in one place. It looks very cluttered, but I do know where everything is! I guess the advantage to small is that it's never a long walk to get clamps or any other tool. They're all within ready reach. Thanks for coming! Next time, I'll have coffee. Oops, there's only one stool in here.

Barb S.

Originally posted 2 January 02

wb 2 January 2002

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