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A Tour of Allen Bryant's Shop

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I've been skimming through various wood working forums and stayed with Badger Pond till the end, but in all that time I haven't had a chance to post my shop tour. My delay was thinking, okay, I'll put up the shop tour when I finish it, however, with that thinking I would probably never post it as the shop will proably never be finished. This past weekend I did finish the paneling inside so I decided it was time to post the pictures.

The Shop

I'm very fortunate that my wife not only allows me to spend time in the shop but also encourages it, of course knowing that she will get most of the products from my time spent out there.

before concrete

This is what I started with a few years ago. it was a 12 x 18 barn style shed, with 30 amp service and also had to share space with the lawnmower and other equipment. Shown here is just before we poured the concrete for two 12 x 18 extensions, one on either side.

left side framing

Many weeks later the left side was framed up. This side was to be divided into two sections; the first is a 12 x 9 in the front to house the lawnmower, tool box, bikes,etc. This section has a six foot wide door open to the outside. The back section has a door to pass through into the main shop. This will eventually be a finishing room, but now is mostly storage.

front view

I don't have any pictures of the right side during construction, but this is what the outside looks like now. I took the wall out between the old section and the new right side to make one big room. Also during this time upgraded the electrical service to 100 amps. The small section on the far right houses the backup generator for the house plus the air compressor and dust collector. The entire building measures 18 x 36 with a 4 x 8 bumpout. The shop is 18 x 24 with a 12 x 9 finishing room and a 12 x 9 storage room.


This first shot is coming in through the front door, starting from left to right you can see part of my wood storage rack, clamp rack, Ridgid drill press, door to the future finishing room, my workbench and, Jet lathe, the air cleaner, and my Craftsman table saw. There will be some better pictures of some of these farther down.

left wall

Continuing the view clockwise around the shop is the left wall. This is a better picture of the wood rack and the items along here.

back wall

Next in our stop is the back wall. The cabinet on the far left holds my planer and Jet hollow chisel mortiser. The drawer contains drill bits, mortiser bits, and the small parts to the lathe. The sliding door cabinet up top contains some of my hand tools. Continuing along you can see some of the piping for the dust collector, and the radial arm saw, and cabinets. The small cabinet just above and to the left of the saw is for saw blades. The lower cabinet to the right holds the Ridgid oscillating belt spindle sander and my router. Over in the corner you can see the scroll saw.

right wall

Continuing on around, the cabinet to the left of the scroll saw contains all my drills, nailers, and such. The next cabinet is on wheels and contains all manner of screws, nuts, and bolts. Next to that is the Dewalt Miter saw, sitting on top a stand I built out of some plans from Popular Woodworking. Next to that is the almost-complete-but-not-quite router table.

front wall

Next stop on the tour is the front wall. Sorry about the quality—there was so much light coming in the window the flash didn't go off. To the far left is the Leigh dovetail jig—most of the rest of the bench is odds and ends tools and bags with the Performax sander in the right corner. In the bottom just to the right is the Powermatic jointer.

left part of front wall

The next to the last stop on our journey is the other half of the front wall. Shown directly in the front is my new Jet bandsaw with riser block which arrived just a few days ago. To the lower left is my table saw. It's a Craftsman 10 inch with Beisemeyer 52" rip fence. The log sitting on the floor was rescued from my neighbor's wood pile (with his permission) and is destined for the lathe as soon as I get some more time.

In the very top of the shot you can see the airhose and extension cord reel. Just behind that is the pull down stairs to the attic. Once I get a floor down I'm going to move a lot of my lumber that is not being immediately used up there.

dust shed

The final stop on our journey is the dust shed. Tucked into this little space is the Jet dust collector with the chip separator sitting on a shelf to the right with the air compressor underneath. There are swithces for both these inside so I can turn them on and off without coming outside and I don't have to listen to them while they are running.

Well that's all. I hope you've enjoyed my tour.

Regards, Allen

Posted 10 March 2003

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